Tree removal
We are fully qualified Arborists. We have the specialist skills, experience, equipment and Insurance to get your tree/s down quickly, safely and efficiently with little to no impact on surroundings.
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Tree Surgeon work


Reductions / Reshaping / Thinning
Reducing and reshaping is the best recognised technique to retaining a tree that has grown to a size that does not fit with its surroundings. A Crown reduction reduces the height and spread of the tree and shortens the branches, maintaining as far as possible the natural form and proportion of the tree. All work is carried out to British standards 3998 ensuring correct growth points are used. Tree thinning is the reduction in density of foliage and will reduce density through the whole crown by a percentage between 10% and 50%. This is done by the removal of weak, thin, touching and dangerous branches and pruning of such sound branches as needed to achieve the following; Health, safety, to preserve balance or impose shape, to admit more light and air to and through the crown, or reduce weight, to lessen wind resistance, to produce more flower or fruit, to train and encourage good branch development in young trees. Trees will be evenly thinned throughout the whole crown as set out in the guidelines of BS3998: 1989.

Limb removal
Trees limbs can grow in all directions and limbs can need to be removed for many reasons, due to proximity of housing, safety issues, neighbours or simply for aesthetic reasons. We have the tools and training to remove the limbs safely and efficiently so that your peace of mind is restored.

Limb removal by a tree surgeon


Hedge / Shrub pruning
Hedges and shrubs can get out of hand fast. We have the right tools to offer an affordable, reliable, regular service that will look after and maintain your hedges and shrubs so that you don't have to.

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